Gas Fire and Appliance Servicing

As like most appliances, it is important that gas fires and appliances are regularly serviced to prolong the life of the appliance. Servicing ensures appliances and fires will continue to run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Gas fireplaces are known for being efficient and low maintenance, but they cannot be neglected to ensure the long life of your fireplace. We recommend servicing all gas fires, once a year, in the warmer months, before winter arrives.

Gas appliances tend to be used almost daily throughout the year with cooking, heating and hot water. Due to the use of these, a service will detect any issues or malfunctions before they become a bigger problem. A service will also ensure they safety of your appliances by checking for any leaks or carbon monoxide build up. We recommend servicing all gas appliances once a year for residential and twice a year for any commercial use.

A service will check that the products of combustion in your gas units are carbon dioxide, not carbon monoxide from incorrect combustion. On a non flued appliance this can be deadly as carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer.

Wood Fire Services

Wood fire servicing is required to ensure the fire burns correctly. Damaged door or glass seals will continue to let oxygen into the fire. This results in not dampening the fire down and doesn’t allow the fire to burn for long periods. Visual inspection will show any damage or cracks in the fire box and flue seams, which can be repaired or replaced before it becomes dangerous.

We recommend servicing your wood fire once a year.

Chimney Sweep

Depending on the type of wood in your fire, your flue may need cleaning once or twice a year. The flue being cleaned at the end of each fire season will ensure that the flue draws correctly to prevent chimney fires, caused by the build-up of soot or creosote in the flue. If creosote mixes with water this can become acidic and can cause premature corrosion within the flue and fire box. The blockage of flues or faulty seals can also cause odour in the house which can be quite pungent. It is important to note that many insurance companies will investigate whether your fire has been serviced and cleaned regularly if you suffer from a chimney fire. A regular service can also ensure that the fire meets it clearances and that it still complies with its requirements.

To ensure the long life of your fire, we recommend having a chimney sweep once a year.