27 Apr 2020


We are very pleased to let you know that as of Tuesday 28th April, when our lockdown level comes down to Alert Level 3, we are back to full operations. This means we can complete jobs that are both essential and non-essential.

Our showroom and retail store will remain closed during Alert Level 3. This is to ensure we are taking health measures to keep our employees and customers safe. However we are still able to assist you for any parts you may need during this time. Please call us on 07 573 8249 or email csatepuke@laserplumbing.co.nz.

If you had a job scheduled before lockdown that we were unable to attend due to the job not being an essential service, we will be in contact over the next week to reschedule.

If you have any jobs that you have been holding off due to lockdown, please get in contact with us so that we can book these jobs in for you as soon as possible.

Your health and safety will continue to be of upmost importance during this time. This includes:

  • Physical distancing between our staff and customer
  • Using minimum PPE on all jobs - mask and gloves
  • Full PPE on all jobs that involve toilets, sewage or drainage
  • Hand sanitising
  • Having two people attend a job - this may be required for some jobs to meet health and safety regulations

We will continue to update our website and social media (Facebook and Instagram) with any further information over this time.

Take care, be safe and please look after each other.