Fire Sprinkler Systems

A fire sprinkler system can be beneficial to households and businesses to combat fires.

‚ÄčOver 90% of fires are controlled through the use of a sprinkler system.

At Laser Plumbing Te Puke, we have the expertise and knowledge to design and install a fire sprinkler system to keep your home or business safe in the event of a fire.

How do they work?

Fire sprinklers are actually not triggered by smoke, but instead triggered by heat. When a fire starts, it quickly heats the air directly above it. This air rises and is pushed out to either side when it hits the ceiling. As this hot air reaches a sprinkler head, that sprinkler head is activated. This means any water damage is limited to where the fire started, not your whole home.

Most sprinkler heads are equipped with a glass trigger filled with a glycerin-based liquid that expands at the appropriate temperature, breaking the glass and activating the sprinkler head. The sprinkler head is attached to a system of pipes that are hidden behind the walls or ceiling. These pipes wind through the building and outside to connect with a reliable water source.

When the sprinkler head is triggered, a valve to the pipe system is opened, releasing the water that is kept under pressure from the pipes. The water is quickly pushed out of the pipes through the sprinkler head, spraying water downward and out to the sides. This carefully designed spray of water extinguishes the fire below and prevents it from spreading.

Since each sprinkler head is automatically triggered by fire-specific temperature, just one or two sprinklers can quickly extinguish and/or contain a fire to the room where it started and cause little property damage. And because sprinklers use about six times less water than a fire hose, they're actually less harmful to your property than a visit from the fire department.

Here at Laser Plumbing Te Puke, we have our own qualified fire sprinkler system designer. Once designed we install a fire sprinkler system into your home, whether it be a new build or an existing home anywhere across the Bay of Plenty region.

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